Spice Blend by All Together Now


Full sized spice blend in a 100mg glass grinder bottle.  This is from an assortment, so you will receive one of the following blends chosen at random: 

Digest This - This warming blend of herbs and seeds is the perfect way to light your digestive fire. These ingredients were chosen for their properties that allow them to support the body‘s natural ability to digest. This blend works well on pork, lamb, fish or game. It is divine in curries, squash soup, on sweet taters, in chili or in rice dishes.

Check Yourself! - As emotional beings, we should not try to suppress the range of our feelings. However, it is important to realize a healthy balance and not let an emotion take over and cause harm. Take a step back and ask yourself: does this serve me, does this belong to me, is there another perspective? Accept your emotions, but do not let them overpower.
This B-vitamin rich blend aims to help gently nourish your emotional well-being. Use it liberally in broth, soup, on popcorn, on eggs, or in any of your favorite dishes.

As Above So Below - Did you know that a healthy sex life has been correlated with heart health? This functional blend aims to be a tonic formula for both heart health and also to boost sensitivity and stimulate blood flow and circulation. Use this blend when you are cooking up a special meal for date night, or just as a nightly seasoning to spice things up and protect your ticker.

Well Woman - This nutritive and functional blend is a superb tonic for maidens to crones. It serves to help balance hormones, support the adrenal glands & energy levels, and help provide some calm in this hectic time. This herbaceous and floral blend works well in most savory dishes from protein to salad. As well as sprinkled on avocado toast, tempeh, on melon, gazpacho or cucumber slices.

Great Expectorations - This special blend contains herbs that can help facilitate the removal of excess mucous from the lungs. Use it in nourishing broths, or on anything that you eat during this healing time. Best if used in conjuncture with warm water bottles, herbal chest rubs, and plenty of fluids for a speedy recovery.

Learning to Adaptogen - Adaptogens are a category of herbs that don’t have one specific action, but rather they work to normalize physiological functions. They do this by interacting with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which is involved in the bodies response to various stressors. Adaptogens help this system deal with stress to maintain homeostasis. This blend is loaded with adaptogens & antioxidants, and has an earthy & herbaceous flavor that is best suited to protein, roasted vegetables, broth or hearty stew.

Moon Magic - This female-specific blend is meant to support the system during the monthly menses. It contains many known emmenagogues, which help promote normal menstrual flow, as well as herbs to help with cramping.
Warming, citrus, and floral flavors are a great complement to fish, salad, green and vegetable dishes, oatmeal, fruit or in yogurt.

Free The Radicals - Despite the cool sounding name, free radicals are not something you want an excess of in your body. Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron. They seek to fill this gap by attaching onto already paired electrons in an attempt to steal the electron and thereby degrades the cell, causing oxidative damage. Antioxidants are in charge of seeking out these molecules and neutralizing them by donating an electron. Free radicals are found in excess in the body from everything from pollution to diet to smoking and alcohol consumption. This blend aims to supplement your already antioxidant rich diet.

Sane in the Brain - This blend contains herbs that are meant to nourish the gut-brain connection, as well as brain function specifically. This blend makes simple, savory dishes sing ! Try it on broiled fish, roasted vegetables, an herb-rich salad, whole grains, roasted chicken, or whatever your go-to recipe is.