**Photos shown are of recent past MoonBoxes

A Subscription For The Soul

We're more than a box, we're a month long check up for the soul. Filled with the best in organic, vegan, & cruelty-free wellness & beauty items, we specially curate each box to reflect the entire moon cycle because we believe that every phase offers us an opportunity to incorporate mindfulness into our daily practice.   By using our items in coordination with the lunar cycle, you're choosing to move forward with full intention.  

Aligned With The Lunar Cycle

The MoonBox Experience is all about planting the seeds of your intentions at the beginning of a lunar cycle, or New Moon, and actively nurturing them so that they grow to fruition by the Full Moon.  Both of these lunar events happen every month with a whole host of magical moments in between.

Ready, Set, Manifest

Receive your box at the beginning of each month, read about that month's theme, and learn about when & how to use each product during specific lunar phases with our Cosmic Collage Moon Calendar and Lunar Phase Guide.  Your subscription also comes with access to our guided meditation recording and step-by-step instructions for a New + Full Moon Ritual.


Regular MoonBox (up to $90 value) includes:

☾ 3 small crystals
☾ 1 premium crystal
☾ Lunar Phase Guide (Starchild Tarot Moon Oracle Card) 
☾ Guided Meditation
☾ New Moon + Full Moon Ritual 
☾ 4 Featured Artisan Products

Customize your subscription with our lovely Add-Ons (available for an additional $8/ea at checkout):

☾ New Moon Workbook (Spirit Daughter)*
☾ Cosmic Jewelry*



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