Libra Full Moon Workbook (April 19) - Spirit Daughter


For the Second Full Moon in Libra April 19th ($8 excluding shipping) by Spirit Daughter.  Get yours before the the upcoming Full Moon! Description below from SD website:

This workbook is for ALL signs, it is designed to tap you into the collective astrological energy.

Surprise! This Aries Sun Season we have two Full Moons in Libra. Our second Full Moon occurs the last day of Aries after we have traversed the season of the Self and are ready to take our findings to our external world. Libra is all about finding balance and this Full Moon is about creating harmony between your relationship with your life’s journey and your partnerships. It’s not easy to live in a world full of other people, but Libra is here to remind you that it can be supportive, expensive and fun!

Our second Libra Full Moon Workbook contains special sections to help you navigate your relationships. There’s even a section on Relationship Scopes! Which tell how your personal Moon Sign will get along with other Moon Signs. Will they be harmonious? challenging? bring you to your growth edge? It’s all in the Workbook. Then there is partner work you can do with any partner in your life to help you strengthen your connection and literally see eye to eye. 

The Libra Special Edition Workbook includes:

  • An explanation of the energies of a Full Moon
  • A summary of what a Full Moon means in Libra twice
  • Specific astrology for the day of the Full Moon and how to work with the oppositional nature of Libra and Aries.  
  • Special Edition Relationship Scopes based on your Moon Sign.
  • Special Edition Partner Work
  • Libra Full Moon Circle Set Up
  • Practices designed to help you harness the power of the  Libra Full Moon

Cover Art by Rebecca Reitz