Intention Tea Blends (multiple options)


These exclusive, in-house tea blends were created for a variety of specific intentions.  Buy one for yourself or gift one to a friend!  2oz each. Limited supply available. Blend options are located on the left side of the screen underneath the photos.  **Blends may differ from exact photos shown since they all have different ingredients.  

Empower Blend | Raspberry leaf, schisandra berries, hibiscus flowers, with ginger, shatavari, and licorice root.  Brew covered 7-10 minutes.

Flourish Blend | Chrysanthemum flowers, lemon balm, dandelion, milk thistle, ashwagandha, and hawthorn berry.  Brew covered 10-15 min minutes.

Discover Blend | Butterfly pea flower, kava kava, mugwort, lemongrass, pineapple, mamaki, and damiana.  Brew ONE minute covered -- no more or will become very bitter.

Nourish Blend | Chaga Mushrooms, tulsi, red clover blossoms, nettle, violet leaf, spearmint, and white peony.  Brew covered 7-10 minutes.

Manifest Blend | White Tea, hibiscus, rose, orange & lemon peel, with cranberries and blueberries, vanilla, raspberries & raspberry leaf.  Brew covered 5-7 minutes.

Align Blend | Tulsi, Brahmi, Chrysanthemum, Fennel Seed, Gentian, Blue Corn Flowers, Lavender, Jasmine Green Tea, and Marshmallow Root.  Brew covered 2-3 minutes.

Balance Blend | Lemon Balm, Chicory, Reishi Mushroom, Mint, Skullcap, Nettle and Shavegrass.  Brew covered 10-15 minutes.