Calendar & Crystal


Keep track of the phases of the moon with the moon calendar, including crystal artwork and description on the back. This subscription includes:

☾ A brand new, unique, and beautiful crystal aligning with the theme of each Lunar Cycle.
☾ Wooden Lunar Calendar with cycles and crystal description on back.

Don't forget to add one of our incredible add-ons:

☾ Optional add-on: Cosmic Jewelry ($8)

What is Cosmic Jewelry? Anything from spiritual symbols, or inspirational adornments and wearable gems in the form of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces or pendants. We change it up every month!

☾ Optional add-on: Full Moon Journal by Spirit Daughter ($8)

Every month you'll receive a new version of Spirit Daughter’s Moon Workbooks, which serves as a tool to help people align with the current cosmic energies to set intentions and design their best life. Learn more from Spirit Daughter.

** Our next box ships on June 12th, 2020**