With MoonBox, honoring a full moon cycle means a fulfilled you.

MoonBox was created in the spirit of holistic self-care with a modern flair and is centered around the lunar cycle.  During a Full Moon, everything becomes magnified through our energies and emotions leading to a culmination, release, or peak. On the other hand, a New Moon serves as a time of opening, awaking opportunity, fresh beginnings, or overall resets. Both of these lunar events happen every month with a whole host of magical moments in between. At MoonBox, we curate your box to reflect the whole moon cycle because we believe that every phase offers us a period of illumination to reflect upon current habits and actions, release what is no longer serving us, and make the change to live life with self-love, purpose, and positive intentions.


Products With A Purpose

Yes, MoonBox is in fact a beauty/new-age subscription box, but it's about more than just the products inside. MoonBox is like a monthly check up for your soul. The items in MoonBox are meant to promote personal growth, holistic healing, and provide spiritual guidance in a fun and stylish way, according to the stars. Nothing is random, everything is chosen with a cosmic purpose and intentional reason. By applying contemporary design and tech to ancient tools and materials, we bring you completely unique and innovative items not found in other subscription boxes.  From jade face rollers to crystal-infused nail polishes, the purpose of all our products is to empower you on all 3 planes.  If they help you look your best (physical plane), feel your best (emotional plane), and develop your metaphysical and mindful awareness (spiritual plane), then it'll be in our box! 


Ethically Sourced, Environmentally Friendly

We make sure that every item we put in the MoonBox is ethically produced, usually by small artists. All our items are organic and vegan friendly. You can also help us in our effort to reduce our carbon footprint & be environmentally friendly by returning your empty box with the free included shipping label.

Giving Back to Gaia

The art we create reflects the beauty that Gaia, Earth, has to offer us. We have to ensure that as we gain nourishment from Gaia, we also give back. Trees for the Future is an organization that teaches communities how to use the Forest Garden system to spread more sustainable farming practices.

In countries like Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania, Trees for the Future educates families on better farming techniques and ensures they have the necessary resources. We decided to partner with Trees for the Future and give them a donation to help them plant a tree for every MoonBox we send out to help spread their incredible mission. To date, we've been lucky enough to help them plant 18,287 trees.


Why Choose MoonBox?

Reclaim "Me" Time

At MoonBox, we help you reclaim "me" time by serving as a monthly reminder to prioritize yourself and live in the present.  By checking in with yourself, acknowledging and accepting your feelings and emotions acts as a powerful catalyst for healing and growth. In today's society, it's very easy to become disconnected with reality and operate on autopilot.  MoonBox counteracts that by establishing a sacred space for yourself each month where you can completely unwind, realign, and decompress.

Everything You Need In One Simple Box

We take all the guessing out of the lunar cycle, since MoonBox conveniently comes with a beautiful Moon Calendar Tapestry co-designed with Cosmic Collage and Mini Cosmic Calendar & Moon Oracle Card designed by Starchild Tarot. Because the two days before and after the full moon are prime for manifesting intentions, MoonBox also includes a guided meditation, yoga sequence, or other wellness practice by two different featured teachers every month, plus recommended rituals with your featured products and spiritual tools so you can get the most out of your experience.



San Francisco, CA

As a Co-Founder of MoonBox & GAIA Collective, Paula is committed to curating an experience focused on illuminating the beauty in our human experience through the teachings of yoga, crystals, astrology, and of course our Mother Moon. She coordinates our featured teachers and vendors for the MoonBox experience and cares deeply about offering space and materials for individuals to drop in and connect to their collective, sacred meaning.


Los Angeles, CA

As a Co-Founder of MoonBox and owner of Love By Luna, Katie incorporates elements of fashion, beauty and holistic wellness in her practical approach towards mindful living and aims to make astrology more accessible as a tool for personal growth and healing.  She oversees operations and management and is continually involved in process improvement to ensure that the MoonBox experience is perfectly seamless.


San Francisco, CA

Numbers at heart but always excited to apply them to something new. Dan makes sure that we can take advantage of the digital world to spread the MoonBox message.

Don't forget to take a break from the screen and meditate.