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Ordering, Shipping, and Updating Your Subscription

☾ How do I subscribe? Check out our MoonBox subscription page and select the box you're interested in!

☾ When will I receive my MoonBox? We ship out boxes between the 20th and 22nd of each month so that you receive your MoonBox a few days before the beginning of every month. You will receive a shipping confirmation e-mail with tracking information.

☾ Can I purchase MoonBox just one time? If you'd like to give the box a try for a month, you can purchase your subscription and cancel it immediately. We will still have a box ready for you, it just won't be re-billed. If you like your box and would like to reactivate your subscription, see the following FAQ.

☾ How do I reactivate, pause, or make changes to my subscription? To make changes to your subscription, just login to your account via our login page. If you have any trouble logging in or making changes, send us an e-mail at If you plan to pause your subscription by a certain month, make sure to opt out before the 1st of the month, or you will be automatically charged for that month's MoonBox.

☾ For gift orders, does my recipient’s email get added to the mailing list? Since we can only accept one e-mail per order, please send our customer service a message to add your recipient to the mailing list as well.

☾ When can I cancel my subscription by? Subscriptions must be cancelled before we ship for the month, once we ship we can cancel the next order.


☾ Can I see previously featured items? Yes! Check out our past boxes page for more info!

☾ Where are the items in MoonBox coming from? We work with artisans around the US and occasionally abroad to customize and source the items that go into the MoonBox. We ensure that all the items we include are ethically sourced, organic, and meet our subscriber's expectations. Our past boxes page has information about vendors that we have featured in the past.

☾ What's the difference between a mini and regular sized Moon Box? The Mini and Regular Moon Boxes feature different items. To see the contents of each, check out our subscribe page.

☾ What add-ons are included with the Moon Box? With a standard order, there are no add-ons included. To see the add-on options, check out our subscribe page.

☾ Items in my MoonBox are damaged or missing, what do I do? To report damages or missing items, please email and provide photos, we will respond promptly.

☾ I'm unhappy with my MoonBox, can I get a refund? Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for MoonBox, but if you are unhappy with your purchase, we will certainly work with you to make sure you come out with a positive experience. Email for any comments and resolutions. We take customer satisfaction very seriously.


☾ When are the ritual and meditation blogs posted? The ritual and meditation blogs will be posted in our ritual content page on the first of each month.

☾ How do I find the passcode? We will send out an e-mail on the 1st of the month that includes the passcode.

☾ How do I use my Moon Box? Instructions on how to use each Moon Box will be included in the monthly meditation and ritual. You're also welcome to use the box in any way that feels right!


☾ When will I be billed for MoonBox? You will be charged for your first MoonBox on the day that you purchase the subscription. If the day that you purchase the subscription is after the 21st of the mont, that credit will be applied to the following month's MoonBox (i.e. if you purchase a box on August 22nd, your first box will be the October box, which you will receive before the beginning of October). After the first charge, repeated charges will be made on the 1st of every month thereafter.

☾ Does the subscription automatically renew? Yes, the subscription renews automatically on the 1st of every month.


☾ How do I get involved as a featured artist? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you promptly!

☾ How do I get involved as a featured teacher? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you promptly!

☾ How do I get involved as a featured ambassador? Fill out this form and we'll get back to you promptly!