Crystal Guide

These are some of the crystals recently featured in the MoonBox.

Tangerine Quartz

This unique crystal is known as a powerful conduit for collaborative connections. It is after all a collaboration between quartz and hematite taking form in a rust-like orange coat over a natural quartz point. Let this crystal remind you of the beautiful balance between giving and receiving. With this attitude, anything is possible.

Source: South America 
Chakra: Solar Plexus

Peach Moonstone

This stone has been used for centuries as a stone to tie travelers, mystics, and dreamers to the power of the moon. It is believed to bring hope, good luck, and protection who those to carry it. Moonstone is the stone of the divine feminine. The stone aids in connecting and balancing one's masculine energies through the soothing power of the divinely feminine direction. The stone has also been used to bridge lovers in distance, and heal the feeling of loss.

Source: Sri Lanka
Chakra: Third Eye & Crown


This is a rare quartz combination, resulting in a union of will and knowledge. This is a perfect stone for any Gemini, and all of us under the Gemini Moon, because it is a motivator of intention into action or manifestation. By fusing one's will to their knowledge, it gives one the power to dive deeper than the surface of interest, and into the depths of knowing and doing. Ametrine is a stone of action.

Source: Bolivia
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye, & Crown

Learn more about each of the crystals we've previously featured below!


Goldstone is a mystical stone of ambition and personal strength. Infused with quartz, sand, and copper, the properties themselves promote circulation, elevate intention, and awaken a sense of motivation. 

Source // China  

Chakra // Sacral  

Color // Sparkly Red


This stone is an ancient conductor of the elements of fire an earth. When struck against Metal or stone, Pyrite releases a spark and can even start a flame. This is no coincidence. Metaphysically, this stone sparks a fire within. It aids in the manifestation of dreams and the fusing of desire with reality. Hold this stone as you climb to the peaks of this Aries energy. Allow the pyrite to inspire your potential and awaken your destiny with strength and vitality. 
Source // Peru

Chakra // Solar Plexus

Color // Gold

Quartz Points

Amplifier or all energies. Quartz is the time keeper of the world and healer of our planet. Use this stone to magnify your intentions or place it next to any other stone to elevate it's energy. 
Source // Arkansas

Chakra // All 

Color // Clear


If Amethyst were an herb she would be lavender. Relieve your anxiety and decompress your mind. She will also assist you in your dreams. Sleep with her under your pillow and dance through your dreams. Amethyst will help you calm your energies and remind you to take a deep breath.

Source // Brazil
Chakra // Third Eye & Crown

Source // Purple

Tree Agate

This stone is a natural circulator, allowing for greater flow of prana throughout the body. It is a deep connector to the Earth and reminds one of the importance of conservation of world resources. Tree agate can help to clarify or purify intentions, allowing its keeper to be wholly present, and welcoming to change.

Source // Asia
Chakra // Heart & Crown

Color // Green & White

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz makes her presence from the collaboration of several minerals, ranging from hues of the lightest angelic pink to fleshy rawness to the deepest burnt earthy reds, representing the many facets of the heart. This stone amplifies the heart space in all loving ways.

Source // Brazil
Chakra // Heart

Color // Rose Quartz