Fire & Bloom Candle with Intention Card

$15.00 $10.00

This exclusive, mesmerizing candle by Fire & Bloom was crafted in the spirit of a Pisces Full Moon for dreamy, unifying, and conscious elevating vibes.  Ruled by Neptune, the God of the Seas, Pisces is the zodiac's mermaid.  The Full Moon is an especially potent time for sacred bathing rituals, though this candle can be enjoyed at any time during the lunar cycle.  Pay attention to you dreams and any signs or synchronicities being offered to you at this time. 4oz tin.


*Light this candle during bath time.
*Say the following: "I activate and energize this Water with love and healing energy.  This Water is charged by the energy of the cosmos.  May I be open and guided by my dreams and visions.  May I receive divine guidance and creative inspiration."


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