Start Your Home Practice Box


Start Your Home Practice Box
Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get your breath flowing and your body going! This box has all the tools you need (Yoga Mat excluded) to start a mindful movement practice at home. With two Agate Drawer pulls included, make your space feel like a Zen Den with functional crystals. From your inner Yogi by adding a sense of mindfulness to your food, too, with emotionally balancing herbs.

☽ Yoga Mat Strap - I Love Gurus
☽ Yoga Mat Mist
☽ Balancing Spice Blend - All Together Now
☽ 2 Agate Drawer Pulls - Ree-Defined Rare Earth Elements
☽ Surprise In-House Tea Blend
☽ Surprise In-House Oil Rollerball Blend
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