Go & Glow Box


Go & Glow Box
Totally travel friendly, these perfectly sized spiritual and beauty products are a pre-packed set of adventure essentials for the soul filled with wanderlust. The Amethyst earrings and sizable cluster in this box assist in finding sound, deep, and soothing sleep with a touch of protection from bad dreams by creating smooth and tranquil vibes. Throw this box in your bag for wherever your holiday vacations may take you!

☽ Cuticle Oil - Entyze
☽ Throat Chakra Body Bar - Joco Botanicals
☽ Amethyst Spiral Earrings - Mineral Gypsy
☽ Amethyst Cluster
☽ Bohemian Spice Body Oil
☽ Surprise In-House Tea Blend
☽ Surprise In-House Oil Rollerball Blend
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