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MoonBox Mantra:

I give as much as I receive and vice versa. I honor the ebb and flow of all things. I breathe in unity, breathe out harmony.

New Moon in Libra
October 8th, 2018

Libra is a sign that seeks harmony in all aspects of life, but especially in relationships — not only with the self, but also with others. Of course, all relationships start with the relationship we have with ourselves, so we want to use this New Moon as an opportunity to fill up with self love and appreciation. This ritual is designed to connect to your inner beauty and let it shine through. Even if you don’t typically wear make up, shake things up today and give it a try!


This ritual is designed to remind us that beauty always comes from the inside. We can try to mask it from the outside but until we address the relationship we have with our self image from inside, beauty is only temporary and fleeting. Take as much time as you need telling your body how beautiful it is until you really, really believe it. When you do, dust some of the brilliant Libra Eyeshadow over your eyelids, and look deeply into your eyes after you do. Tell yourself how truly stunning your SOUL is and every time you go through this beauty process again, remember how you feel right now. Remember to treat your inner beauty with care so that it lasts more than just a moment, and sinks into your psyche forever. You are exactly as beautiful as you feel, and when you truly feel that, others will, too.

Full Moon in Taurus
October 24th, 2018

After all the weeks of diligent personal and interpersonal work we’ve done, the Full Moon in Taurus will bring back some loving and nurturing vibes. The beginning of Libra season prompted us to define what we value, Scorpio season enabled us to distill the truth of our convictions, and now the Taurus Full Moon provides an opportunity to release anything that’s not rooted for the long haul. Taurus rules our resources and in honor of that, this ritual is meant to connect us more deeply to the abundance available and inspired by the Earth. We are made of Earth and we are constantly consuming the gifts of the Earth. With this ritual we will practice “conscious consumption” focusing on what we are putting into the vessel of our lives - our bodies - on a physical, spiritual, and mental level, literally embodying the phrase “food for thought.”


Steps: Allow this whole process to nurture you. As you connect to the feeling of taking care of yourself, vow to make this conscious consumption a regular practice. Nourishing your body with healthy, vibrant foods is not only a physical practice of self care and survival, but a mental foundation from which to thrive. Your food is your fuel for your body, mind, and spirit. Digestion takes place on all three of these realms as well. We are constantly digesting our lives and the remnants of our ancestor's lives, along with our food. Remember, your thoughts are like food, too! What you put in to your life is exactly what you’ll get out of it, so take your time, take care of yourself, and reap the benefits of this practice. Above all, be easy on yourself in the process, all good habits take time to sink in.

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