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MoonBox Mantra:

I shed the layers of my past. I dissolve old patterns and heal any wounds. I rise and transform with a fresh perspective.

New Moon in Scorpio
November 8th, 2018

A Scorpio New Moon always ushers in a time of upheaval and release, which allows us to up to transformational healing. Scorpio is also ruled by the element of water so for this ritual we want to soak into that nourishing and cleansing energy as much as possible.


Think about this New Moon as a powerful time to release what no longer serves you and churn it into some sort of change. This is the perfect time to go deep into the well of yourself and uncover old wounds that are finally ready to heal over. While this certainly will be an emotional process, the benefits are worth it. We can only heal what we are willing to reveal so be honest with yourself. Scorpions live in the dark depths of mysterious caves. Channel that courage to look within yourself as if you were exploring an unknown space, seeing everything with a fresh perspective. Through this personal exploration you just might find that perhaps the cave you fear to enter holds the very treasure you seek — self awareness, personal release, and magical transformations.

Full Moon in Gemini
November 23rd, 2018

Welcome to the most social and spirited Full Moon of the year! Gemini energy is incredibly curious, talkative, karismatic, and even flirtatious! Spend today getting out into the world, connecting with those around you, and really finding a way to celebrate your life. At the end of the day, come home to yourself and find a sense of gratitude for your life! Your friends, your family, your interests, and yourself. When we tap into gratitude, we can see how abundant we truly are…


Steps: Air is the element of Gemini and air is also the very thing that binds us. Your exhale is someone else’s inhale and vice versa. With this ritual we are tapping into the collective force that holds us together and reminding ourselves that we are all in this thing we call life together. May you have a blessed Full Moon and may those blessings spread far and wide every to all beings everywhere.

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Om Mani Padme Hum - Praise the jewel in the lotus.

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