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New Moon in Taurus Ritual

During a New Moon in Taurus we are being asked to really firmly connected with Earth, with our roots, and the sources of sustenance in our lives. Taurus energy is very luxurious and beautiful while at the very some time practical, realistic, loyal and patient when in balance. The key word to fully harnessing the energy of the Taurus New Moon being PATIENCE. The shadow side to Taurus energy can be stubbornness or blindness so to curb this we practice patience, presence, and grounding rituals to remember our greatest support system: Mother Earth. The element that rules this sign is Earth and the plant is Venus - the ultimate maiden and Goddess always reminding us to approach all that we do with love and respect. When we take the time to love and respect ourselves and our planet we are planting a seed of how we promise to love and respect others. All of our relationships ripple out from this most primal relationship we have with source, the planet, the very thing that gives us breath, food, water, and of course... crystals! This ritual is designed to remind you of this gratitude and through it find your flourish. Let your gratitude blossom because the more grateful we are for all that we already have the more the Universe will provide. Gratitude always create more and more abundance! Let it grow, let it flow!


Now that you have tended to your figurative and literal roots, make this a commitment to yourself to keep taking care of your foundation. Without a healthy root system, nothing can grow. Remember that root care not a one stop shop... it’s a daily, lifelong practice. And you don’t have to do this exact ritual everyday to remind yourself of the importance of foundation, it can be much simpler. Ask yourself… ‘What is one small thing I can do everyday to tend to my roots and keep growing?’ When we grow, we glow, from the foundation up, from the inside out. When we practice this sustainably, our growth can be infinite and our abundance immeasurable. Truly, the sky’s the limit when your roots are strong and stable! Soak up this New Moon Blessings and go forward into the rest of this Lunar Cycle fulfilling this little promise you have made to yourself. By the end of the month it will become a habit you can carry with you all life long, and beautiful one at that!

Full Moon in Sagittarius Ritual

A Full Moon in Sagittarius brings so much excitement, energy, and a fiery spirit ready for adventure! Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and the element of fire, creating the perfect recipe for an eventful journey. During this Full Moon we want to get really focused on how we want to grow, evolve, and move forward in our lives. Dare to dream and dream BIG! It’s time to put pen to paper and create a master plan for the pathway ahead. It doesn’t have to be a complicated plan, in fact the simpler the better. Think of this Sagittarius Full Moon as the spark that propels you forward to that next big step. Absolutely anything is possible when you become clear with your intention and open your awareness to new knowledge, guidance, and intuition. Once you know exactly what you are working towards, you can more easily break down the simple steps that it will take to get there. Open your mind, set intention with your heart, aim your arrow, and you will always hit your mark.


Steps: The intention we put into something is exactly what we are going to get out of it so take your time! Don’t limit yourself. Read and write as much as your heart desires and make this ritual a practice of manifestation for your deepest desires. Anything you can dream up in your mind, feel in your heart, and put into your own words has the power to manifest itself in real life, tenfold. This Full Moon in Sagittarius, allow your dreams to FLOURISH!

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