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New Moon in Gemini Ritual

DISCLAIMER: this ritual involves burning paper and a dry item from nature of your choice. Please make sure there is adult supervision present if under 18 and to only light objects on a non-flammable surface.

Gemini New Moons are a fresh and airy opening into joy, laughter, and spirited flirtation with life. Known for their curiosity and willingness to explore new things, Gemini energy can also carry a slight fear of depth. For this reason, we’ve themed this month’s MoonBox Experience DISCOVER. In discovery there is a need for mastery and practice in order to fully reap the benefits of whatever it is you are setting off to learn, do, or be. And, the most fascinating of discoveries are found through the journey within. This particular New Moon is the perfect opportunity to wipe away any doubts or fears and awaken a desire to realign and redefine your relationship with yourself. Gemini’s downside can be over generalization, becoming interested in many subjects but lacking the depth and knowledge that can only come from studious commitment. With this in mind, begin your ritual with snap and laser like focus so not to waste any energy on wandering thoughts… where your attention goes, your energy flows.



Full Moon in Capricorn Ritual

A Full Moon is a moment of celebration, release, expression and integration of the last time the moon was new under this zodiac sign 6 months prior. When in Capricorn, there is a degree of seriousness in the background. Capricorn energy is grounded, connected to Earth, rooted in tradition and practice, as well as unstoppable. Represented by the steadfast mountain/water goat, Capricorn and climb any terrain relentlessly. Tonight, observe how far you’ve come over the last half-year if your life. Where have you persevered? What have you dedicated yourself to? How has it changed between when you started and where you are now? If there were roadblocks (which there are always bound to be) how can you shed or remove them to clear the pathway ahead? When you’ve answers this questions in your head or in your journal, find a place to tend to your roots - your hands and feet that have carried you this far, they (aka YOU) deserve it!


Steps: As you wrap up this self-care ritual, remember that while on any journey there is always a need to push forward, there is also an equal need to restore, recharge, and rest so that you can continue walking your path with ease, beauty, and grace. Allow this process of reflection and discovery about how far you’ve come help inform your next steps. One step forward, one step to check in with how you are doing. The shadow side of Capricorn energy can be seriousness, so whatever you do, do it with a smile on your face! It’ll light the whole experience up, we promise!

Featured Teacher - Mariah K Lyons

Mariah K. Lyons is a Reiki Master Healer, Meditation Guide, Crystal Healer, and Founder of the luxury grounding and crystal healing footwear brand ASTARA. Having been immersed in elite mind/body trainings her whole life, she works intuitively and blends her extensive trainings in Usui Reiki, Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga, Buddhist Zen and Mindfulness Meditation, Crystal Healing, Tantra and Kundalini Breathwork and Holistic Nutrition Consulting into customized sessions for her clients and classes. Mariah has studied and trained with master teachers, healers and instructors from all over the world, as well as having taught and led classes for world renowned brands and celebrity clientele. Mariah believes in the Wise Woman tradition, knowing that everything is intrinsically connected and works to find the balance and synergy between mind, body and spirit.

Mariah has taught classes, workshops and created media partnerships with Soho House, Nike, Dreamworks, Comcast, Carbon38, NBC Universal, W Hotels, Hello Giggles, Beaming!, The NOW, DashRadio and RackedLA among others. She teaches ongoing weekly classes in Los Angeles at The Den Meditation. Her traditional trainings pair with her modern approach and sensibilities and pave the way for her relatable teaching style and heart healing techniques.

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