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MoonBox Mantra:

I awaken my intuition. I receive nourishment from the tides of my emotions. I prioritize self care.

New Moon in Cancer Ritual with Partial Solar Eclipse
July 13th, 2018

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the emotional element of water, so when the Moon is New in this Zodiac, it signifies a strong wave of ‘coming home’ to ourselves and to those that matter most in our lives -- close friends, family, teachers, partners, or even our pets. This Cancer New Moon is asking us to connect to the loving, loyal, and sensitive energy being brought to light. Emotions may run high, and they are supposed to. Whatever you are feeling, let it nourish you and be grateful for the opportunity to feel anything at all. With a Partial Solar Eclipse adding the the potency of this New Moon, there is a wonderful opportunity to redirect our attention towards positive memories that inspire us to keep spreading our own personal light. Close your eyes and think of someone you would like to thank for any reason, living or passed. Let it be someone who has nourished and supported you at some point in your life. What would you like to say to them? How have they contributed to who you are today? With this ritual we will seal in gratitude for their presence in our lives, while placing intention into our homes to create a daily reminder of gratitude, no matter how strong the waves of life become.


Everyone that has come in or out of our lives has done so for a reason. We experience a variety of emotions, connections, journeys and adventures with them, all of which create the fabric of our lives. Every positive experience opens us up more, brings us further out of our shell and more engaged with our lives. Of course there will be experiences that will do the opposite and that is why it so important to remember the people who nourished and supported us as we continue to find our place in the world and most importantly, find ourselves. Coming home to yourself means knowing that no matter where you are, you have all the love and support you could ever need from the never ending well of Self Love that lives in your heart.

Full Moon in Aquarius with Total Lunar Eclipse
July 27th, 2018

Aquarius Full Moons are a powerful awakening of the spirit of revolution. Aquarius is known for philanthropic, innovative, and inspiring ways of thinking. When the Moon is full in the sign, all those qualities are highlighted and elevated in all of us, making our collective potential for change tremendous. An Aquarius Full Moon is a surge of energy, focused on revealing truth, authenticity, and the unique gifts we were all given as living, breathing beings on this planet. When each of us steps into our own personal gifts, together we make the world an exponentially brighter place. This Full Moon with a Total Lunar Eclipse is here to set us off into a new a new trajectory, to widen our perspectives, and stand up for the sake of humanity with all beings everywhere in our hearts and minds. Because this is such a powerful moment, this ritual itself is very simple.


Steps: May this simple ritual awaken your imagination and remind you that absolutely anything is possible. If you can dream it, you can be it. If you can feel it in your heart, you can bring it to life. This Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse is here to inspire the power we all hold to light up our worlds with every breath we take. Allow your breath be like a steady barometer, keeping your intention simple and focused, which is far better than scattered and complicated. Remember, every time the cycle of breath begins again, we are continuing to send our unique gifts and light out into the world. Your exhale becomes the inhale of everyone that surrounds you, creating a rippling effect of change, elevating everything you come in contact with. When we take the time to notice this, we notice that we create absolutely everything around us and that with certainty, we have the power to make the world a place that brings peace, love, protection, and joy to all.

Featured Teacher - Sarah Ezrin

Sarah Ezrin is a motivator, writer, yoga teacher, and teacher trainer. Her joie de vivre is infectious. Her fun and popular yoga classes are infused with humor and positivity. Bringing a background of psychology and life coaching, Sarah lovingly guides people toward their brightest and best self.

Sarah is an E-RYT-500. She is based out of San Francisco with her soon-to-be husband and dog. A world traveler since birth, Sarah leads trainings, workshops and retreats at home and across the globe. She is a writer and certified life coach.

Sarah has been featured in Yoga Journal and LA Yoga and is a regular contributor for Mantra Magazine. She is sponsored by numerous mindful fitness companies including Athleta, Manduka, Lululemon Athletica, Alternative Apparel, Fabletics, Sweaty Betty, Navitas Naturals, Vita Coco, Lifeforme Yoga, and Yoga Gives Back.

Sarah began doing yoga in college, however she did not get serious about her practice until working demanding hours in the film industry. It was also during this time that Sarah’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. The mat provided refuge and healing as her mother’s illness progressed. Sarah realized that time was too fleeting to not be spent doing what one loves. She quit the film business to pursue her passions. Her mother was able to see her teach once before passing away.

For Sarah, yoga is beyond the postures it is a guide for living and she is changing the world, teaching self-love one person a time!

Teacher Meditation

To flourish, we must first nourish. So many of us give it all away, depleting ourselves to take care of everyone else. This month’s Aquarian moon is not only full, but also a lunar eclipse. This happens when the earth blocks the moon from the sun. The moon has no light of its own. It needs the warmth of the sun, its fire energy, and the pull of the earth to remain in orbit. We too need the earth’s energy to root and ground, just as we need light, like the sun, to shine our brightest. When we are blocked emotionally or energetically drained, we go dark too! This month, we are going to play with the elements essential for nourishment and growth to prepare for July 27th’s full moon!

Week 1 we will draw grounding energy from the earth. Week 2 we will connect with our emotions and fill ourselves up with the element of water. Week 3 we will harness the transformational energy of the sun. Finally, week 4, we will bring space into our bodies and minds clearing our energy in preparation for Friday’s full moon, ending the month full, complete, and nourished!

Week 1 - Earth: This week, I invite you to get outside and get barefoot! Find a patch of grass or a sandy beach and take your shoes off, taking 10 deep breaths. If weather is not permitting, place your hand on a tree’s trunk. Practice the following grounding meditation.

Balancing. Photographer: Nir Livni

Week 2 - Water: This week drink 64oz of water of every day! Draw a circle on a calendar to mark each day. Water is the element of emotions. Every day this week, ask yourself “How are you?”. There is no right or wrong answer. Simply feel into what you are feeling. You may find the answers seem to contradict one another. It’s so normal! Just feel into whatever you are feeling and practice allowing.

Triko in the waves. Photographer: Chelsea Heller

Week 3 - Fire: Fire is the element of transformation and nothing represents that better than the sun. Fire often gets a bad rap for being destructive, but that is only half the story. We must destroy the old to create something new. Before next week’s full moon, now that you are more grounded and feeling all the feels, what is something that you want to let go of? Write it on a tiny piece of paper and then imagine what you want to create in its place. Put what you want to create into a present statement, like “I am enough” “I am loved”. Light the paper and as it burns recite your present statement both internally and out loud. This is now your mantra for the rest of the month! Say it morning, noon, and night! Note: Please be safe when practicing fire rituals! Do this in a sink with running water readily available!

Smoke and fire. Photographer: Samuel Henderson

Week 4 - Space (Ether): This week’s full moon is a lunar eclipse, meaning the earth passes in front of the moon blocking the sun. The moon has no natural light of its own. Yet it’s power is extraordinary. Now that we are grounded, feeling all the feels, and have integrated our transformational power, we can settle into the space of our whole being. Let’s embrace this moon as an opportunity to get comfortable with our shadow side. Practice this 10-minute nourishing flow every day leading up to and including Friday to help you find space in your body and mind!!!

Gratitude. Photographer: Samuel Henderson

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