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New Moon in Aquarius
February 4th, 2019

Change is in the air more than ever and New Moon Blessings have got us feeling so fresh and so clean with brand new perspective, direction, and intention. New Moons are always a powerful portal for change but this particular New Moon truly is for everyone… For all of humanity, for the benefit of all beings, for every person, animal, and living, breathing thing to feel a sense of comradery, union, mission, and community. And the coolest thing about it all is that it all starts with YOU! How you choose to show up in your life with your thoughts, words, and actions; literally create your habits and as the Upanishads say… those habits become your destiny and your destiny is a essential contribution to the collective future we all share. So, what do you stand for? What inspires you to rise up with devotion? What cause is near and dear to your heart and how can you turn that into a daily ritual, promise, intention -- whatever you want to call it, that allows you to fully align yourself with that vision….

Materials: **If you don’t live nearby an easily accessible natural source of water, set up a space in your home where you could imagine that setting and play a soundtrack of a river flowing or waves crashing

This ritual is designed to help you find that while calling in the ultimate tide of change symbolized by Aquarius, herself. Known as the water bearing, Aquarius always brings change, in the most necessary and best ways possible. Pointing us towards new ways of thinking, living, and being, this New Moon is the perfect time to step into your power as a force of change for all the things that bring light into the world and warmth into your heart. Odds are that whatever that is, it’s going to being light and warmth to everyone around you, too. This Aquarius New Moon is here to teach us that all humanitarian efforts start with you. You are the seed of inspiration that ripples out into humanity as a tide that is capable of lifting all ships. So whatever you do this New Moon, do not underestimate yourself, you and your contribution to humanity is absolutely essential.

Full Moon in Leo
February 19th, 2019

Another Full Moon in Leo, here we go! The past two years have been quite Leo focused, awakening a sense of leadership in all of us that is regal, bold, proud, and oh so necessary. After a series of eclipses transforming the way we even perceive the concept of leadership, it is becoming increasingly clearer everyday that we as individuals have the power to shape the world by simply being ourselves. As Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world” and this month with Aquarius and Leo ruling the New and Full Moon, this couldn’t be more true. While the New Moon in Aquarius showed us how we can revolutionize our lives, even in the smallest of ways as a guiding principle to all of humanity, the Full Moon in Leo is here to help us with a confident push towards putting action behind those intentions.


Steps: When you are finished journaling or writing, sum it all up into one promise you can make to yourself and KEEP. This is your power to change the world and everything you need to make that happen is already within you. Whatever it is that fills you up and brings you a sense of motivation to move forward with your intentions, commit to it. Write it on your mirror, leave notes for yourself around you home so you can constantly be reminded of the change and progress you are currently experiencing. By showing up in your life with this intention and a high degree of commitment and discipline, you are leading the change and inspiring others to join you. This Full Moon in Leo is an opportunity for everyone to find their inner Leo and churn that pride into action. The best thing you can do on this Leo Full Moon is to simply clarify to yourself how far you’ve come, how much you’ve transformed and to continue to dedicate yourself to your path. Lead the life of your dreams and inspire others to do the same.

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