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Goldstone is a mystical stone of ambition and personal strength. Infused with quartz, sand, and copper, the properties themselves promote circulation, elevate intention, and awaken a sense of motivation.
Source: China
Chakra: Sacral
Color: Sparkly Red

Quartz Points

Amplifier or all energies. Quartz is the time keeper of the world and healer of our planet. Use this stone to magnify your intentions or place it next to any other stone to elevate it's energy.
Source: Arkansas
Chakra: All
Color: Clear


This stone is an ancient conductor of the elements of fire an earth. When struck against Metal or stone, Pyrite releases a spark and can even start a flame. This is no coincidence. Metaphysically, this stone sparks a fire within. It aids in the manifestation of dreams and the fusing of desire with reality. Hold this stone as you climb to the peaks of this Aries energy. Allow the pyrite to inspire your potential and awaken your destiny with strength and vitality.
Source: Peru
Chakra: Solar Plexus
Color: Gold


"I am full of Power. I have a Warrior Spirit. I am capable and motivated. I radiate confidence."


Aries New Moon Ritual - April 15

A New Moon is an opportunity to plant seeds of intention and this particular one is all about empowerment, standing up for yourself, and feeling completely complete within the confines of your Self. Everything else may be a treat, but you are all you need. Close your eyes and see yourself from within. Imagine yourself looking into your own eyes and lift yourself up. Pay yourself a compliment, thank yourself, forgive yourself… do whatever you need to do to connect to that seed if empowered intention. Be patient and start from the ground up. Focus on your foundations and fortify then. Work your way up from there.


Steps: New Moon Blessings, dearest Moon Lovers! There is a fire within each of us, just waiting to be let out. NOW is the time, let your inner flame of desire rise to the surface and burn away any debilitating fears or doubts. We all have them and on this New Moon in Aries, there couldn’t be a better time to face them and let them go. Be brilliant, be radiant, be bold, just like you were made to be - uniquely YOU.

Scorpio Full Moon Ritual - April 30

When a Full Moon in Scorpio is occurring, this means we are being asked to look deeply into ourselves and face our shadows. Scorpio, an intense water sign, draws us into its mysterious depths where emotional currents run deep. The energy of this full moon has a dark power that may seem daunting, but it also illuminates any self-imposed, unnecessary holds on your psyche and offers you the opportunity to dissolve them. In short, the full moon in Scorpio calls you navigate the shadows of your own life and become the captain of your ship.Cleansing, releasing, washing away any old patterns that are no longer serving our higher selves and the over all good. Full Moons are time to connect and celebrate, while shaking off any fears and stepping boldly into the waning phase of the moon which is to come right after the moon hits peak fullness. The release will continue and we will keep shedding unnecessary layers as we prepare for fresh reset with the New Moon.

Materials: Steps: Once this process is complete, close your eyes and notice how you feel. Do you feel lighter? More free? More capable? Sometimes we just have to shake off all the stuff we’ve been carrying around to notice we never were meant to carry it at all… we were mean to climb it, to head the lessons, and leave any heavy weight behind. Enjoy this release and keep riding the wave into next month’s New Moon, full of all sorts of new opportunities thanks to the clearing you just made for yourself. Thank yourself for showing up for yourself and come back to this feeling anytime. You created it after all!


Dana Damara is one of the Bay Area's premier yoga instructors and leading advocate for women and young girl empowerment. She is a mystic, a mother, a teacher of teachers, and an author. She traverses between the mystical realms, and real life drama of a mother of two teenage girls. She is an activist for women of all ages: committed to feminine embodiment, self-love, sisterhood, sacred ceremony and ritual, and creating a safe space for evolution.

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