September 'ALIGN' Essential Oil Benefits & Inspiration

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Alignment is so important. We take our cars in for realignment so the cars drive more smoothly and there is less stress on the moving parts. Some of us take our backs to see a Chiropractor for regular realignments to restore healthy flow to the joints and straighter postures. This month’s Selenite is a perfect stone to aid emotional, physical, and soulful realignment. Selenite is a sulfate that is comprised mainly of calcium. Sulfates are known for one big quality in particular. They make things more stable and last longer. This consistent longevity is really utilized well with the calcium component in Selenite. Calcium in minerals is known to support growth, regulate body-wide systems from bones to blood, and stabilize emotions and the heart. That means Selenite can play a unique part in not only setting up the framework for alignment in all areas of life, but it can help sustain that alignment for as long as Selenite is consistently used with clear intention.

Align blend: Angelica Root, Sweet Birch, Juniper Berry, Sweet Orange, and Atlas Cedarwood

Alignment can be hard work, requiring consistent pruning back of old stuff to make sure only the best options for growth are supported. White Angelica Root assists in the letting go process. It also grounds deeply while keeping the doors to expansion open. Sweet Birch powers through anything that causes a difficulty in maintaining a feeling of wholeness. Sweet Orange and Juniper Berry work in tandem; they support sustained power by recycling all that superfluous stuff that isn’t needed from the realignment, using it to help ground while increasing that connection to personal power. Finally, Atlas Cedarwood, from Morocco, supports the realignment process in the most classic of ways. Cedarwood is so firm and resolute, it’s trunk able to support massive weight and huge branches. Energetically, Cedarwood blends in with this blend of oils to give security and support to our realignment tune-up.

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