November 'RELEASE' Essential Oil Benefits & Inspiration

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Amazonite is on many people’s personal top 10 crystal lists and for good reason. It is known to be a great balancer of male and female energies, it fosters compassion, and aids in meaningful manifestation. Amazonite comes in many shades ranging between blue and sea green, colors which speak to its ability to facilitate release from the communication blockages between the head and the heart and to speak your heart-centered truth. With so many benefits, Amazonite can often be overlooked as a catch-all crystal; a crystal that’s used generally, but in no great powerful specificity. Well that changes today. Amazonite should be cherished for the lessons it teaches us about setting an intention and what better way is there to learn about intention than by experiencing its natural end: release. Amazonite, with so many subtle benefits in so many different ways, can be most potent when used as a key to unlock the final door of the intentions you’ve been manifesting this whole year. The intentions have been set, all the needed components were added during the manifestation phase and now is the time to release everything you’ve built up, letting it out into the world to do whatever it is going to do. Apply this oil and allow the release to flow, sending all that manifested light out into the universe.

Amazonite oil blend: Lemongrass, Benzoin resin, Key Lime, Cypress, Haitian Vetiver, Black Pepper, Fragonia ™

Amazonite holds within it the power of a story, any story. A story starts with a clear intention, then is fed with what it needs to manifest, and once realized, it is released into the world. This oil aids in realizing all the steps of building an intention to its natural finish and in making that beautiful release of authenticity and the organic sadness that follows, easier. Intentions in this blend are built with the clarity and hopefulness for the future of Key Lime. That hope is grounded in the sense of self that comes with Vetiver. Black Pepper gathers and builds energy towards the purpose while Lemongrass loosens the throat chakra to prepare for the great release. The release part, though, that has to come from you when you are ready to set what you’ve poured yourself into free. Releases come with joy, but also sadness, as with something leaving, that has taken so much time and energy, that it leaves a void that slowly fills over time as new intentions fill that space. This blend adds Fragonia ™, facilitating the release, but with peace and Benzoin to soothe and comfort that new empty space while Cypress touches any grief being processed with grace.

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