May 'FLOURISH' Essential Oil Benefits & Inspiration

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Tree Agate is the stone of the warrior in that it supports all a true warrior is in her greatness and on her great journey. A warrior is not just the soldier or the Amazon, fighting in the treetops with her sisters against any foe to their matriarchal dominion. A warrior is not made. A warrior is born with an inner strength that cannot be developed. It simply is. That strength provides the security that only comes from stability and certainty; an inner peace. One could call it a zen state. That is what Tree Agate supports within us; the strength of the warrior spirit founded on stability, clothed with security and armed with certainty.

This Tree Agate Inspired aromatic perfume blends those warrior qualities together. The strength of earthy Vetiver roots the warrior into the stability of Gaia, to rise firm and resolute, clothed in security like the Cedarwood tree.
The warrior’s certainty comes from knowing herself well, including balancing the duality between those deeper and firmer qualities with feminine Ylang Ylang, lifted up with refreshing Lemongrass, and ultimately, cloaked in the lasting peace of angelic Neroli.

The blend is: Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver.
In Light, 
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