June 'DISCOVER' Essential Oil Benefits & Inspiration

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Tangerine Quartz crystals develop their bright and happy orange color from a natural iron coating. Iron is so stimulating and always encouraging enthusiasm and discovery. Quartz, in their very nature always support a feeling of well-being and create a safe space for the letting go of old and fixed ideas. Simultaneously, thi stone is known for opening inspiration and new creative drive as well as puffing the winds of change to shift moods that have become stuck or frozen. When highly-motivating iron and creativity-flooding oxygen naturally form on the surface of quartz to create Tangerine Quartz, the result is a powerful ability to bring the innermost self to the sunny light of day. Happy playing!

The playful discovering energy of Tangerine Quartz can be supported with this special blend of essential oils. Cinnamon leaf oil provides a fast-moving excitement of energy, a tantalizing promise of what might be waiting to discover. Pine needle and Patchouli oils create a safe space for both inner and outer seeking, and when blended with Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang, remind the inner child of what it was like to play in the woods or the yard all day, discovering the archetypal stories of collective consciousness in the foundation of our DNA.
Discover Blend: Aged Patchouli, Pine Needle, Mugwort, Sweet Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Ylang Ylang & White Ginger Lily
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