July 'NOURISH' Essential Oil Benefits & Inspiration

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Inspired by Blue Apatite: It is no wonder that blue Apatite is one of the crystals in your Nourish box because blue Apatite is comprised of a very high concentration of minerals and trace elements! In fact, it was traditionally used in the 1700’s to promote bone growth. That’s a claim of deep nourishment on a physical level, yet we are not just blood and bone and sinew. Blue Apatite teaches nourishment on a variety of levels. Nourishment means providing every substance or condition for growth and development. Apatite provides the best conditions for growth: it combats apathy that stifles potential for growth, it encourages a life of variety, in essence the spice of life, stoking the fires of motivation, and it promotes a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. These qualities of blue Apatite when used intentionally provide all the right conditions for the growth in the garden within.

The deep soul-feeding qualities of blue Apatite are easily expressed in the deep strength and stability of both Cedarwood oils. A Cedarwood from America and a Cedarwood from half a world away in Morocco were both used to strengthen the interconnected need for groundedness that ties all people together as citizens of humanity. English Lavender oil waters the spirit with clean, gentle rains of safe space and freedom from anxiety over that which cannot be controlled. Nepalese Lemongrass nourishes the roots of that which makes each human an individual and aids the repair of those parts that are so often torn and damaged by the words and actions of those who have yet to gain understanding while Vanilla bean gently kisses away any stings from memory, the soil now amended to nourish the soul. Happy Gardening!
Nourish Blend: Nepalese Lemongrass, Atlas Cedarwood, English Lavender, Virginian Cedarwood, Vanilla Bean

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