February 'INSPIRE' Essential Oil Benefits & Inspiration

Posted by Dylan Vigil on

Mandarin, Clary Sage, Helichrysum. Spearmint, Aged Patchouli, Blood Orange.

Mandarin, which is the sweetest of the citrus fruits, offers a revival to the senses that sets the stage for what is to come with your intentions this month. True inspiration surfaces when one is grounded and ready. Mandarin’s sedative and anti-anxiety properties buttress the holistic platform from which we can find comfort, gauge our balance and be clear enough to be able to recognize those ideas that inspire us. What inspires you? And how do you know when you are inspired? What shifts for you?

With notes of clary-sage to elicit feelings of relaxation, your mind is clear to wander about the dream-fields where inspiration buds. Now is the time to deeply inhale through your nose, down past your diaphragm and into your deep gut, to realize that magic that is waiting there to be released. Breathe out slowly. While Clary-sage induces a sense of well-being, the intense healing properties of Helichrysum tease your olfactory senses like a gift, just as for centuries helichrysum has indicated as a gift to the Greek gods in the form of dried flower heads.

Meanwhile your memory improves with help from Spearmint, extremely gentle and fabulously invigorating. Inspiration grows while the presence of Aged Patchouli encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. These hormones ease feelings of anger, anxiety and anxiousness, so that you set the stage for pure intention without blockage or fear. Ride the wave of inspiration to fruition with finishes of Blood Orange scents that calmly invigorate the senses and lift the spirit.

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