August 'MANIFEST' Essential Oil Benefits & Inspiration

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Peacock Ore, not to be mistaken with Peacock Chalcopyrite, contains a good amount of both Iron and Copper which is only part of the reason it seems to be one of the best stones to express the pure joy of manifestation! Copper is a metal ore that is a potent conductor of energy, especially energy that interchanges between people. Often used for creativity, Copper increases energy, vitality, and connection to all of us in the energy web that holds creation in loving contact. Iron stimulates our perceptions of our experiences. This, reflected in Peacock Ore’s shimmering surfaces, supports completion of cycles and projects. Open up and receive the blessings completion will manifest.

Manifest blend: Indian Sandalwood, Bulgarian Lavender buds, Benzoin resin, Spanish Cypress, Neroli blossom, Tobacco leaf, Ylang Ylang flower

The power building Manifestation properties of Peacock Ore are represented well by the trifecta blend of creamy yet woody Sandalwood, a slow-burn of an oil that builds energy slowly and completely and deeply spiritual and centering Benzoin with the creation-inspiring passion of Ylang Ylang flowers. Room needs to be made for manifestation and the releasing process sometimes leaves lingering ghostly attachments, like phantom pains from a lost limb. Cypress speeds the grieving process, its green aroma like a freshly pruned garden for the angelically resonating Neroli blossom to thrive, gifting a connection to the real of miracles. Finally, as it should be, all well-done jobs deserve a reward. Manifestation is its own reward, but a little earthy Tobacco leaf carries a heartfelt thank you for all the assistance given, especially for all those who help with love in silence.

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