January 'ELEVATE' MoonBox Botanical Tea Blend Benefits

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Elevate Tea : green tea, orange peel, passionflower, raspberry leaf, calendula, chrysanthemum, blue cornflower and safflower
A blend to offer sunshine, passion and healing during these cooler winter months.

Stimulating the immune system, inspiring clarity and thoughtfulness during this time of transition we have a blend featuring Sunny Green Tea & Orange Peel.

Venus ruled, Passionflower & Raspberry leaf to shift our creative centers and improve structure in your daily life, as well as inspire and create peaceful rest, allowing both emotional and physical growth and healing to occur with ease.

Flowers of Calendula, Chrysanthemum, Blue cornflower & Safflower to bring joy, glowing beautiful skin, and delight your senses with the promise of the coming SPRING.

Drink this brew in the morning or afternoon to invite growth, harmony and blossoming vision.

Brew 1-3 minutes and re-brew. For added enjoyment add a minute to consecutive brew times. Can be enjoyed iced or hot.

Be Well,
Co-Founder, Fruits To The Roots
MoonBox In-House Herbalist
* When using herbs please keep in mind, no two people are the same, no two plants are the same. Both ourselves and plants, have unique bodies, lives, and experiences, that can affect the nature of the relationship from tea cup to absorption within the body.

* These statements should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this product. Statements have not been FDA approved. If pregnant or nursing seek medical counsel before using. Seek medical advice when using herbs for children.

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