December 'ILLUMINATE' MoonBox Botanical Tea Blend Benefits

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A blend to improve in our ability to bring light into our lives through reflection, release and growth.

Relieving anxiety and stress, Ashwagandha adds a SUNny outlook to your journey towards illumination. Warming the bodies flexibility and enhancing the immune system this root empowers and rejuvenates.

Autumnal Gingko, this golden leaf reminds us to reflect on the shift we share with our tree ancestors. The seasons shift and just as the trees shed their leaves we too must shed the past and learn to find peace in times of darkness and colder months. Resting our bones and gaining insight, so that when spring comes that light brings with it the blossoming promise of creation and rebirth.

With shift and change come growing pains. Delicately soothing our worried minds and offering inflammatory relief, Linden & Safflower bring comfort where pain may try to take root. This powerful ally is a wonder for menstrual discomfort and headache as well as painful cough or cold.

Anise & Celandine help bring aid to improve digestion and expel old – binding energies, making it possible to release old habits and follow new paths.

Cacao & Damiana, aid in heartbreak, bring compassion and inspire the soul to deepen our connections. These wondrous botanicals also offer comfort in our truest self.

Brew 1-3 minutes and re-brew. For added enjoyment add a minute to consecutive brew times. Can be enjoyed iced or hot.

Be Well,
Co-Founder, Fruits To The Roots
MoonBox In-House Herbalist
* When using herbs please keep in mind, no two people are the same, no two plants are the same. Both ourselves and plants, have unique bodies, lives, and experiences, that can affect the nature of the relationship from tea cup to absorption within the body.

* These statements should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your healthcare provider if you have any questions or concerns about the use of this product. Statements have not been FDA approved. If pregnant or nursing seek medical counsel before using. Seek medical advice when using herbs for children.

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